About Jon Bishop

As VP of Technology I manage the development team at a full service digital agency. I have also lead digital experience and marketing strategy for several Fortune 100 companies.

I have been building websites since 1999 and developed an early fascination with interactive technologies like Flash and JavaScript. Since then, I have acquired in depth knowledge working with a variety of assorted web, mobile and software specific technologies. I am fascinated with every aspect of the digital marketing ecosystem and the ability to use data to create engaging and personalized experiences.

Before I got into marketing, I spent most of my time teaching in higher education, technology camps, meetups and conferences. I strongly believe in technology as a means to enable people of all ages to explore their own creativity and passion.

Specialties: Javascript, PHP, HTML5, UX, SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing Strategies, Hybrid Application Development, Kiosk Development, WordPress, GA/GTM, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Voice User Interfaces, Site Personalization, CRM/CDM integration, IoT