6 ReTweet Monitoring Tools

Retweeting has become a great way to find quality information through Twitter. New, more advanced, Twitter monitoring tools have made it easier to drown out a lot of the noise and focus on the quality posts being shared. It’s not fool proof as popularity and quality battle for the number one spots. You’ll almost always see the usual suspects in any “most ReTweeted” list, but there are also those gems that slip through the cracks.

Why should your care?

All of these sites provide valuable insight as to what type of content goes viral on Twitter.  A bunch of factors go into why a certain link might get retweeted more than another. Some general ones are:

I hope these tools can help you learn some things as well as find some great new bloggers and tweeps to follow.


Backtweets is the Twitter side of BackType, a conversational search engine. It’s a great way to see who’s tweeting your posts, even if they forgot to post it as a ReTweet. Every once and awhile I’ll type in my blog url just to see an overview of everyone that’s been tweeting my posts.


Tweetmeme scans Twitter for links and organizes them in an easy to retweet database. They’ve also provided a cool ReTweet button that displays the number of ReTweets a post has as well as gives you the ability to easily ReTweet the post.


Retweetist monitors Twitter for fresh links and ranks them according to how new and popular they are.

retweetradar - Finding trends in the mountains of information 'retweet'ed on Twitter.

ReTweet radar is the Twitter side of It gives you a large list of trending topics to zone in on as well as displays the most retweeted links and tweeps.


Re.twit’d doesn’t only look for popular ReTweeted links, it also displays popular ReTweeted tweets. If you ever just wanted to see the most popular tweets on Twitter and not necessarily the most popular links, then this is your place. - Your Twitter Retweet Source

Repeets scans Twitter for all ReTweets and displays the recent most popular ones as well as  the most popular in the past 24 hours, past week and past month.

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I’m surprised too. I thought my original list had 7 different tools on it. I think maybe the site was down the day I made this list or something.

Oh well, I’m going to add it to the bottom of the post. Thanks for the reminder.

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