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My new favorite “funded by burritos” micro-blogging service is definitely I guess one could argue that it is the natural progression of micro-blogging and status updates.

As much as I love Twitter and Plurk, there is something much more real and personal about 12seconds that makes it appealing. The alpha community is pretty outgoing (and silly) and there is always something interesting queued up.

To encourage users to post, 12seconds does a daily challenge that you can reply to. The winner is featured below the following days question. It’s a great way to encourage interaction on the site and people really come up with some clever stuff.

Now the tagging system that is used allows for some interesting categorized posts. I experimented a bit and created a little game. You have 12 seconds to guess the name of each song. I can easily add new songs by adding my handy little ‘name-this-song’ tag. It will be interesting to see if any similar ideas catch on within the community.

So enough rambling about my new favorite service. Join in on the fun. Don’t forget to add me as a friend.

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Jon, I found you in Answers in LinkedIn and followed you through to this article. What’s the difference between Utterli and I checked out 12seconds – just wondered what the real point is for it. (If I’m being dense, please excuse me – just want info from someone really involved in their community).

Also, I’m doing a book on using audio and video for your business. I am not really involved in Flash at all. Can you give me some suggestions of different ways for businesses to use flash video for their business?

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