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What's your Plaxo Pulse?


So what is Plaxo?

Here is my spin on Plaxos own definition …

Plaxo is a lot of things. It’s mostly about synchronizing most of the things that you and your connections do all across the web in a single place without you having to worry about any of it. It’s also about staying in touch with friends, colleagues and family on a daily basis. It’s a place on the web where you can look and see what photos that random guy posted on Picasa, while finding out that Tom blogged about how he just found a ‘one of a kind offer for a sweet vacation’, and seeing that your co-worker changed his status again from ‘working’ to ‘eating’. Now with Pulse, Plaxo has become a fun and efficient way to communicate with all of your friends, family and business contacts.

Now let me set the record straight here and now, I <3 Plaxo. I said it, it’s true. It’s the one social network I feel has really nailed down the most effective means of communications that encourage conversation and minimize useless banter.

Plaxo’s Pulse is broken down into 12 types of content of which 6 can be posted right from within Plaxo (the other 6 are updated via RSS and APIs). The most powerful of these types of content are Messages, Links and Polls. Some of my favorite conversations on Plaxo have been through comments on Polls.

Now what sets Plaxo apart from the rest?

It’s community. In a Poll I posted recently I believe Leanne Watson says it best:

it’s good because the topics are about business but include a personal aspect, if that makes sense? I’ve learnt things and I’ve made some connections that seem like friendships as well. The hard part is maintaining a presence when reality gets very busy.

The truth is that this community seems to be a very honest group of people. It’s no secret that we’re all here to network and promote our services, however we are more likely to work with those we trust. Bob Thomason noted:

We enjoy buying from people we know and trust. I know I do. We buy that way with ‘brick and mortar’ businesses, so, why not here.

Isn’t there spam?

Of course there is, however it is controllable. There is a large portion of the community pushing their Affiliate Links on to Pulse but you can always filter out the annoying ones. To be honest, I’ve filtered out so many of them at this point that my Pulse is pretty jam packed with some quality posts about topics I am quite interested in.

Anything Else?

Actually, ya. Everything I’ve described thus far as solely part of Plaxo’s ‘Pulse’ feature. There is also a centralized rolodex system, calendars, ecards and alot more.

So finally, please check it out and drop me a line.

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