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Social Media Is Not For You

Don’t believe everything you read in this wonderful arena called the social internet.

Something I’ve noticed across multiple social networking sites is that a majority (not all) affiliate marketers will either lie or stretch the truth to get you to become part of their scheme. Every single one of them claims to be “the next big thing” on the internet and by getting in now you’ll make millions. The problem with that is all these big things are old things with some spit and a quick shine.

The truth is that there are a lot of ways to make money online:

  • Legitimate business sales
  • Product sales
  • Ad revenue
  • Paid blogging

The catch is that all these things require a special secret ingredient that MLMs and affiliate marketers seem to forget, originality.

Here is a classic example of what an affiliate marketer will do to make money.

  1. Sign up to a site.
  2. Create affiliate links to their ‘product’ or ‘ service’
  3. Spam their links and propaganda
  4. Deny doing any of this

What happens is they get a small percentage of the profit made off of that product or service if you buy it.

*Disclaimer* Affiliate marketing itself is not bad at all and in fact can be a great way to make an extra buck. It’s the ‘marketers’ that give it a bad name through their slimey methods and they’re spoiling the web with it.

Here is another example of an affiliate marketer, basically being stupid.

Inside Affiliate Marketing Says:

Hey nice blog my friend. Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing business in world. However its not that easy as it looks. Obviously you need advanced knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you are dead and broke , you can learn most of the startup tricks via marketing forums.

I’m sorry but I couldn’t have said it better myself. This was a comment on my previous post about affiliate marketing, which if they had actually read they would have seen it was speaking against affiliate marketing.

So here’s my nugget of gold for the day. Breath it in, swirl it around a bit, maybe gargle, and spit back out into a ceramic pot to keep for later usage. Social media is THE tool to meet people of like minds from all over the world and communicate in real time. That is all.

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And then there is the opposite extreme. People who think that all they have to do is buy a domain, join an affiliate program and put up a template site and the money will start rolling in. Hmm..if you put up a store in a back alley, is anyone going to come and visit you if you do not advertise or tell people you exist?

I don’t know all this is getting too complicated and while stumble and twitter etc are all fun, it is also very time consuming and I’m wondering if there is any value in it other than a shallow fun. getting a little cynical. I amn ot seeing how it helps in advertisig anyway?

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