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Variable Video

I’ve talked about variable video and personalized video a little in the past. Now let’s look at some more examples and break down some of their components.

Here are some examples:Variable video proof of concept

There are 4 main effects that can be achieved in a variable video:

  • Variable text example: holding up a card with the persons name
  • Variable image – example: holding up a picture of the person
  • Variable audio – example: saying the persons name with actors face covered
  • Variable video scenesexample: saying the persons name without actors face covered

If you wanted to create a variable video campaign, there are multiple ways to go about it. All of the above effects can be recreated using Adobe Flash. If you only plan on doing variable text and/or imaging in the video you may not need 3rd party software. If you do wish to integrate your variable video campaign with other software, XMPie recently announced video integration capabilities with their system.

Another important aspect of variable video is the story. To properly recreate any of the videos shown in this post you would need actors, sets, equipment, scripts, etc. But, one great thing about variable video is it’s surprise factor. You could get away with crappy quality video as long as the personalization tied in seamlessly.

The most important part of any variable video campaign is it’s final conversion screen. This is where you encourage personalizing the video for someone else. Someone the user believes will find the video entertaining. People love seeing their name in lights and now everyone can be part of the internet video phenomenon.

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Jon, thanks for sharing your thoughts about variable video. Personalization is interactive, engaging and depending on implementation, can have viral potential. I hope to see more variable video campaigns in 2009.

Hi Jonathon, thanks for the info on this. Do you have any resources for a developer to where I could develop something like this on my own? I’m most interested in variable text.

Thanks, great info and great starting point for me!

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