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Why Do You Use Social Media?

I set up my Facebook account in September of 2004. I remember everyone was talking about it. The timing was perfect as it was my first time out on my own and I was desperate to meet people. It instantly became the go to solution to find out who that cute girl in my math class was or which frat house was having the biggest party.

Back then it wasn’t about fan pages, advertisements or Facebook apps …. it was about enabling connections. Facebook will always be sacred in my mind as my “platform for friends”. I never did warm up to Facebook apps or fan pages and continue to use it as I always have.

I guess my point is, social media is about enabling relationships; whether it’s through the sharing of videos and images or the exchange of thoughts through conversations. I probably would have made just as many friends as I did in college without Facebook, I just think Facebook moved the relationships along faster.

Now looking forward, I don’t see the way I use social media changing. Whether I am meeting new people for personal or business reasons, social media will drive the relationships further and faster.

So what are you doing here?

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I have to admit that I’ve changed the way I use social media since adding certain jobs to my resume. I’ve become a bit more self-promotional than I’d like. Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to share more of what other’s are doing and less about myself.

I love the relationships I’ve formed, whether personal or professional, and I look forward to continuing doing so.

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