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Creating Presentations With Custom Post Types

I wanted to come up with a cool way to showcase how powerful custom post types were for the Boston WordPress meetup.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your RSS Reader: Finding The Most Relevant Content

As I explained in my last post, I’ve got about an hour before I get to work where I need to consume as much content as possible. Ideally I would like to get to the good stuff as quick as I can.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your RSS Reader: Full Posts Instead Of Summaries

Keeping up with all of your favorite blogs and news sites can be time-consuming. There are new blogs with amazing content popping up every day and it can get very hard to keep track of them all.

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Posting Attractive Blog Posts – Back To Basics

Most bloggers stick to paragraphs and an image or two when writing new posts. This is fine for some however you may want to broaden your horizons and learn more about the potential WordPress and its HTML counterparts have to offer.

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What Is The Socialize Plugin?

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How To Convert an XHTML Website Template into a WordPress Theme

So you have an XHTML valid website template and you would like to put it on top of WordPress. Whether you are starting from scratch or moving your existing website to WordPress as a CMS, this guide will help you get the conversion done.

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Does Your Business Need A Website?

A couple years ago I would have said it depends. Now it is a necessity. It doesn’t matter how big your business is or how much money you bring in. If you exist, I want proof of it on Google.

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Creating A Video Section On Your WordPress Blog

Awhile back I decided to start posting videos on my blog. Once I had a few videos up I began to rethink my approach. Ultimately I wanted to prevent videos from showing up where normal posts are displayed and instead display my most recent video in the sidebar.

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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

A WordPress blog is an easy way to establish a dynamic online presence however it’s also very easy to get trigger happy with plugins and themes that ultimately slow down your websites loading time, making your overall WordPress site slow. Here’s a quick little checklist to help improve your blogs performance.

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Using Custom Social Bookmark Icons With AddThis Analytics

(Note: This code is meant to be put in your WordPress Template. However, it should be easy to modify it for other uses.)