Experiment: Philips Hue Audio Timeline Sync

I’ve seen some cool demos of Hue lights automatically synced to music. This is mostly done by analyzing the volume of the track at any one point and assigning an effect to that range. Although that is pretty cool I wanted to compose my own light show inspired by some of the EDM shows I had been to recently.

I basically ended up creating a simple Javascript app that allows me to visualize when lights will be triggered in real time. The light effects are hard coded into the app as part of a long sequence of effects that get triggered at specific timestamps.

The interface allows me to start the song at any time and the lights will sync from that point on. This allows me to easily tweak timestamps/effects and rerun the app without having to listen to the entire song. I used the jsHue library to control my lights and the colors script from the Hue Hacking library to convert hex values to the CIE 1931 color space.

The app is mostly for fun when friends come over but you can see a demo video in the Instagram post below.

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