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Two Thoughts That Get Me By

I don’t really get into the motivational stuff on this blog which is funny because I love to give advice in real life. I jumped into the workforce a bit earlier than some of my friends which has given me time to figure out what I want to do. It’s been about 9 years and I’ve jumped around a lot. Ultimately, the moving around gave me increased confidence in my abilities not to mention just the experiences of the different work environments.

Sometimes it was stressful or intimidating walking into situations where I may have felt a bit over my head. Every single time it worked out for the better and I can more easily navigate those road blocks if they occur again.

For some of my friends just diving into the workforce I’ve been sharing some of my experiences and ideas that got me through them.

You will always know more than some people and not as much as others

All I could ever hope for is that I’m learning from those smarter than me and helping those trying to catch up. Everyone has something they can give back. Every new experience is an opportunity to learn and a story we can share with others.

When I do things like speak at a meetup or talk to a client during a project review I just try to remember, they know more than me about what they do best and I know more than them at what I do best. They don’t expect me to be the best and only that I work with them to help understand what I already know. No one’s going to yell at you or boo you off stage if you just try your best.

No one’s got it figured out, we’re all just very good at pretending

I can be the king of being awkward. Most of my friends have seen me at my best but others might be convinced I’ve got it together. The truth is none of us have it figured out. Some of us think we do and for the most part we go about our days being normal. Or at least this is what I tell myself.

The next time you feel out-of-place or in over your head, just remember you always have something to contribute and put on your game face. You would be amazed at how far confidence gets you in life … even if you’re just pretending.

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