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Optimizing WordPress Posts With Socialize

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You can change the words in the box on a post to post basis or across the entire site in the default settings. The default settings only work for posts that were published before the plugin was activated.

Hi Jon. love the plugin. The call to action text is tiny on my site for some reason, much smaller than any text I use in my own CSS, i’ve tried editing directly in the PHP and in the CSS but am having no luck. How do you make the text match your website text so well?

Thank you

Ok, I have setup Open graph (I have a “Facebook App” that links to my Facebook page and used that information for my WordPress website. Is that correct? Or should I create a new app and link it to my WordPress Site?

After this, what do I do now?

Will I see stats in Socialize or do I have to log into Open Graph or something?

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