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Embracing Social Tools

My mother shared the following article with me in an email: Professionalism “Less than Desired” in Entry-Level Employees – SURVEY RESULTS.

I was surprised by some of the results and disagree with a few statements made on the side. The article suggests that students aren’t making the grade as professionals in the workplace, mainly because they feel a sense of entitlement, expecting reward without putting effort. David Polk whose firm was commissioned to complete the study mentions problems with IT etiquette and goes on to say:

“Some of these problems in the workplace are the same things we are seeing in the classroom,” … “Students and employees alike are text messaging, surfing the Internet, and responding to cell phone calls at inappropriate times. It appears that for many the need to be in constant contact with friends and family has become an addiction. The addicted no longer see it as rude to be obsessively responding to calls or text messages.”

The real problem is that organizations and universities have failed to properly utilize these new communication tools that we appear “addicted” to. Companies should instead put together social media policies to regulate and facilitate the proper usage of these tools. The internet and these new technologies create new possibilities for marketing, sales, HR, collaboration and social awareness that should not be overlooked.

When it comes to our education system, Sir Ken Robinson says it best “.. It’s like we’re all being trained to be university professors”. Students are force fed the same curriculum with little favor towards true personal growth. Kids are clumped into groups based on age and location with little attention to their passions and talents. We need to shift from the old “assembly line” mindset to a more passion driven model.

First we need to see a change in the education system where individuals learn how to better use these tools to innovate and cooperate. A good example are the mph online courses being taken by so many lately. They’ve been able to create a constructive educational environment that “clicks” with students. We need to see organizations change their mindset and advise employees on best practices when it comes to internet usage.

Yes, my generation does feel entitled because we have access to more information than the generation before us. Hopefully the next generation will have access to even more information and will in turn teach mine. But the fact remains that we might just know things “seasoned workers” fail to see because everything is moving so fast. Hopefully we can all catch up and move forward as the human race instead of individual generations of that race.


Times are changing and so should the workplace and our education system. We need more access to technology inside and outside of the classrooms for educational purposes. Learning should be fueled by curiosity and allowed to mutate and wander with the mind. The workplace should also reflect these same ideals.

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