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Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Working

Wondering why you’re not seeing any results from your marketing efforts in social media? Probably because you are doing it wrong. Here are a few things you can try doing differently.


I feel like Twitter is the easiest one to do right and somehow so many people do it wrong.

First you have your spray and prayers. They follow everyone on TwitterPacks and post one link in their feed that sends them to their website. If very little untargetted traffic is your thing then by all means go for it. You won’t last very long as Twitter is slowly getting better at filtering out the trash in its intertubes.

So the easiest way to use Twitter for business is to develop a following through honest communication.

Wondering why no one’s following you back?

  • You’re following too many people
  • You never filled out your profile
  • You never post anything
  • You only post things from your blog
  • You’re too hot to be real (or too ugly to be followed)
  • You sound like a robot

Key to Success: Reach out to others

I find that those that become resources in their communities often thrive at building trust as well as followers.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to network by using their groups and micro communities to find like minded individuals. However, people often overlook the potential in niche community sites outside of the main stream social media. These smaller communities are filled with people that might actually like your service and even welcome it.

Another reason why your marketing efforts won’t work on Facebook is simply because they are not welcome. Facebook is a platform to connect with friends, not your brand. If you once again focus your efforts on becoming a resource rather than just throwing yourself out there, you may see better results.

Key to Success: Be yourself

Like I said, “Facebook is a platform to connect with friends, not your brand”. Use these tools to network the same way you would at a party or any other networking event.


Blogging can be the foundation of your companies online reputation or it can get overlooked completely. There’s no shortcut to developing quality content for your posts. Blog about things you actually know about.

Wondering why no one is subscribing to your feed?

  • Your posts are too long
  • Your topics don’t provide value
  • Your layout compromises your post
  • Your title isn’t appealing
  • No one knows your blog exists

Key to Success: Focus on writing unique content for a specific audience. Also be sure to seek out your target audience and connect with them honestly and openly.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of specifics you can get into when identifying your target audience online and how you can best reach them. I look at all of my social media conversations and try to be as completely transparent as possible. I also try to maintain a healthy mix of personal and business interactions as I do in life. Remember that social media is just a tool that helps extend our real life beyond it physical limits and it should be treated as such.

So what do you think? What else might be holding back someone’s social media efforts from seeing any results?

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