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12 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Business Website

Your website should work for you, not the other way around. Large and small businesses alike flock to WordPress because of its flexibility and widespread adoption, and for good reason. WordPress can be configured to meet your own business needs at very low costs.

Plugins For Business Websites

Working with WordPress should be easy. What started out as simple blog software is now a powerful content management system with a growing list of community generated plugins to help you get what ever functionality your company needs on your website. Below is a list of plugins I think all businesses should be aware of. The goal is to minimize the amount of time needed to manage your site so you can focus on your business. Every business has different website goals so choose the ones that are best for you.

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO helps avoid duplicate content issues and encourages common SEO best practices when creating and editing posts. You could get by without an SEO plugin if you really wanted to as WordPress does a great job by itself and your content is really all that matters.

Gravity Forms

This plugin solves one of WordPress biggest shortcomings, the lack of a form generator. There are a lot of plugins that do a great job but Gravity Forms is the easiest to use. Just drag and drop the form elements you want and easily configure and insert into posts. Like I said, your WordPress site should work for you, not the other way around.

(I only endorse a few premium plugins and this is one of them. This is a paid link so if you like it please use it.)

Subscribe2 HTML

It’s important to keep your subscribers coming back to your site. If you are regularly blogging and posting valuable content you should allow visitors to subscribe via email so they can get future articles delivered to their email.

WordPress Portfolio Plugin

This post is about keeping your site easy to manage and making it work for you. Showing off your work is essential for a lot of business sites so you need an easy way to manage it, you can check right here for some valuable information. Enter WordPress portfolio. Easily group projects and display them on your site for the world to see how awesome you really are.


This plugin is great for scheduling events to be displayed on your site in the sidebar or on its own events page. Events can be recurring and can link to external registration pages.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Retaining your visitors by recommending related content is an easy way to increase time on site and your odds of converting the visit into a lead.


The rise of the smart phone has raised the demand for mobile enabled websites. The great thing about using WordPress to manage your content is you can easily install a plugin to make your site mobile ready.


Back to this posts mantra, “making your site work for you”, your site data should be readily available as soon as you log in so you can gauge its success. This plugin lets you display the stats relevant to your business on your dashboard so you can be up to speed on your sites metrics in seconds.

Easily navigate pages on dashboard

While we are making things easy, I’ve used this plugin on several business sites to create a one click access point to pages from the main dashboard. It’s also an easy way to see your site’s layout without having to dig.

J Shortcodes

This plugin allows you to easily create customized styled web elements like buttons, content boxes, tabs, accordion panels and more. It’s an easy way to help content stick out without having to know CSS or HTML.

WordPress Calls to Action

Calls to action are displayed randomly based on the category they are assigned to. If no category is assigned to a Call to Action then that action will display on pages with no categories. The plugin also displays impressions and clicks.

Custom Admin Branding

Last but not least you should make your website yours. Branding WordPress is easy with the custom admin branding plugin.

Your business site should be easy to manage and deliver results. You should be able to easily track those results and make changes as needed. Experiment with different plugins and look at what others are doing. Make your website work for you.

13 replies on “12 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Business Website”

The best members plugin I have found is S2 members. I tried about 10 of them and found this one easiest to use and with the most functionality for free.

I’d change the events plugin to this one personally: again, I tried several and both this and Event Expresso came out on top for me. the first one has easier customisation for non-coders.

I also use a plugin called Sidebar login which is awesome for creating your own list of login links rather than the standard wp meta widget.

heyy , i think ad management plugin is also a must for commercial websites…. The plugins like META SEO PACK and WP-INSERT are one’s which must never be avoided……


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