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Competitor Website Reports and Analytics

Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something on the Internet is to check and see how other people are already doing it. Here is a small collection of tools I use to learn more about other websites. You should obviously already be using Google Analytics on your own site on top of whatever other tracking scripts you are using. This is just a list of tools you can plug any web address into and learn all about that site. Each tool does something a bit different so explore and play around a bit.

Traffic and Visibility
Alexa provides information about websites including Top Sites, Internet Traffic Stats and Metrics, Related Links, Online Reviews Contact Information and Search Analytics for SEM and SEO optimization.
Compete helps you benefit from click-sharing by providing free services that create a more trusted, transparent, and valuable Internet.
A new breed of measurement service helping buyers and sellers quantify the characteristics of digital audiences against which they can activate addressable advertising solutions.
See people, traffic data, similar sites, social comments, description, social popularity and much more about websites.
Check PageRank, Backlinks, Indexed Pages, Rankings and more.


Open Site Explorer via SEOMoz
Linkscape provides link data never available before on over 41+ billion URLs across 366+ million domains.

Term Extractor via SEOMoz
This tool analyzes the content of a given page and extracts the terms that appear to be targeted at search engines. It applies certain weights to HTML elements and other on-page factors to determine what it thinks is a targeted term.

Website Grader via HubSpot
Free SEO tool that provides an Internet Marketing Report for your website.

SEO Analysis Tool via
This SEO Analysis Tool is to help you analyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages.
A web service that collects and analyzes any data about domains and keywords they are optimized for.

Keyword Monitoring and Discovery
SEO & PPC Keyword Research software tool, that unveil your competitors’ most profitable Ad copies & keywords.
Spy on your online competitors. Download competitors keywords and adwords. is a another great competitive research tool.


Blog Grader via HubSpot
Blog Grader provide a free tool to grade your Blog and provide recommendations on how to improve its effectiveness.
Monitoring the social presence of your website on the top 20 social media websites.

Speed and Other Site Information

Web technology information profiler tool. Find out what a site is using.

Web Page Analyzer via
Calculate page size, composition, and download time. offers readability scores, style, grammar, school paper analysis, readability scores (Kincaid, ARI, Coleman-Liau, Flesch, Fog, Lix and SMOG) for Web pages.

If your favorite tool isn’t listed please share it in the comments.

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Thank you so much for providing this list! It was exactly what I was looking for and so much more. It will certainly make things a lot easier for me and so many others.

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