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31 Inspiring Web Experiences

Every few days I check and reddit for creative new websites. As discussed in a previous post about the potential of modern websites, we can display content and engage users in ways we never thought possible. I’ve tried to collect a good representation of what is possible to hopefully give you inspiration for your […]

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The Potential of Modern Websites

Modern browsers have the potential to create experiences that break the mold of traditional brochure style websites. If you know how to pick your website niche aptly, then you have taken the very first step towards providing your client with eye-grabbing content. Do not forget to hire the services of the Web Design Services Ottawa […]

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WordPress Starter Themes and Development Tips

WordPress starter themes are themes that include the bare minimum needed to start building out a new theme. For this reason I usually call them WordPress developer theme frameworks. They exist to help jump-start the development process on new sites.

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How To Make Social Sharing Buttons Display Faster and Measure Their Effectiveness

As a follow up to “Which Bookmarking & Sharing Buttons Should I Display On My Site“, I wanted to talk a bit about how to make those buttons display faster and how to measure their effectiveness. This is my first blog post at my new job and I wanted to share it with my readers […]

Themes Web Development WordPress

WordPress and Shortcodes

I gave a talk the other night at the Boston WordPress meetup about how I use shortcodes to enable my clients to create better looking content.

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14 WordPress Page Templates To Make Life Easier

I just finished writing a newsletter about WordPress page templates and how businesses could leverage them to create better content. In the email, I brainstorm about a few templates I think themes should be taking advantage of.

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13 Plugins Your WordPress Site Might Need

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress Plugin directory. These are 13 plugins I seem to revisit the most often and recommend to clients and friends.

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Competitor Website Reports and Analytics

Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something on the Internet is to check and see how other people are already doing it. Here is a small collection of tools I use to learn more about other websites.

Blogging How To Social Media Web Development WordPress

Posting Attractive Blog Posts – Back To Basics

Most bloggers stick to paragraphs and an image or two when writing new posts. This is fine for some however you may want to broaden your horizons and learn more about the potential WordPress and its HTML counterparts have to offer.

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9 Free Ning Alternatives And Some Open Source Solutions

Many people have started communities on the popular network creation site Ning since its inception. On April 15th they announced they would no longer offer their free services.