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Favorite Social Media Sites

Below is a list of all the social networks I use and what I think about them. At the end I will list my personal favorites and i invite you all to publish links to your own profiles below. – I like this because it gives me free personal advertising. I think they spend like 10 bucks a month per person. Free being my favorite part

Twitter – This one is cool because by following certain people i keep up to date on trends in the marketplace

BlogCatalog – I use for getting people to both my blog and my company’s blog. Its also a cool place to meet other bloggers,

Digg – I use as my general news service and i follow 1 friend at the moment, hopefully more will develop

LinkedIn – A great professional network. Bad thing about it is there are not alot of communication opportunities between networkers besides a Q&A section

YouTube – Video Uploading site. Could be great for viral marketing but theres so much competition out there its hard

Jyte – Fun community full of free thinking OpenID enabled humans where you make claims about things. Not so good for advertising i guess but i think its addicting – This site is good for Internet Marketers looking to give back to the community and actually learn. The site is spam free and I would appreciate it if it stayed that way 🙂

Wink – this is an interesting site in that it collects all of your social networking profiles into one page and users can search a master database to find all of your pages.

ning – here you can create your own social networks. this could be great for establishing your brand or company is leaders within your industry if you can develop a large enough following.

Facebook – one of the first biggens. It started off for colleges and now can be used by anyone.

Myspace – other than friendster this was probably the first biggen. In my opinion it is too loaded with spam.

MyBlogLog – youll see the widget for this site on a lot of blogs. This site is very similar to BlogCatalog however i don’t think it has as much activity

Orkut – Google’s version of a social network

FriendFeed – this site brings all of your feeds across multiple networks together.

Plaxo – This is an excellent resource to network and share. The site allows you to share links, messages, pics and more. It also displays all of your feeds as a “pulse”.

* My favorites are currently, plaxo, and twitter.

Please comment and add your own favorite networks and/or your profile links

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I would add It is a great tool for turning your blog feed into an e-newsletter for those readers who still don’t utilize RSS or reader services.

Nice list.

Thanks for linking to this on the Ning discussion thread. I really like the concise summaries you have provided for these networking sites. I’ll probably continue to stick with Twitter as well.

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