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Where To Find Awesome WordPress Themes

These are my favorite places to find WordPress themes. I find I am often pointing people to these sites based on which list I think suits them best. I thought it was about time I collected my thoughts in a blog post and shared all of these great lists with the world.

The best part about finding new WordPress themes through these lists is you will discover even more cool new themes as you begin to click through to the individual theme developers pages.

… explore and enjoy!

Free WordPress Themes

100 Free High Quality WordPress Themes: 2010 Edition

40 Free High-Quality WordPress Themes

100 Amazing Free WordPress Themes for 2009

30 Free High Quality WordPress Themes

100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

Top 10 Free WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

30 Smashing Free WordPress 3.0 Themes

55 Fresh & High Quality WordPress Themes

45 Free WordPress Themes with Appealing Designs

24 Free Portfolio And Photo Gallery WordPress Themes

25 Best Free Photoblog WordPress Themes for Photographers

Premium WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes

Theme Forest




More Premium Themes On

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Please share your favorite WordPress themes or even just your favorite place to find them in the comments.

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