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Woah! I Can't Read Your WordPress Blog

I’ve made this mistake in the past and it may have cost me a few readers. People get trigger happy with their plugins and readers can’t get to the content.

You need to remember that the content is the main reason someone might be reading your blog at any one point in time. If your blog takes 5 minutes to load there is a good chance they are going to bail.

I’ve set up a development blog for the purpose of testing my blogs speed when adding and updating plugins. The goal is to keep the load time down to seconds. This way I know my blog can handle the load when getting a rush of new readers from a social bookmarking site or high profile twitterer.

My basic rule of thumb is if the plugin isn’t beneficial to the reader I don’t use it. I have since removed all back links to blog directories and any traffic boosting programs. I even got rid of sociable because it added a half a second load time to the page.

There’s nothing I need to put in my sidebar I can’t create a new page for and its not worth the hassle.

So please use plugins that direct me to your best content and focus on helping me, the reader.

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6 replies on “Woah! I Can't Read Your WordPress Blog”

Thanks for post!
I agree re: speeding up load time by getting rid of unnecessary plugins, but with so many “experts” heralding must-have additions, it’s sometimes difficult to wade through the clutter.
I would love to see a post with your must-haves coupled with a list of popular plugins that may be more harmful than useful.
BTW, love your tweets!

@uMCLE I like the idea. I’ve been thinking about which plugins I would choose as my “must haves”, could make a pretty cool post.

Thanks for the comment

I agree to a certain point, a simple plugin and clean design normally is best suited towards the technology, news niche.

However in my case our website it’s based on the idea of a portfolio/blog/photogallery type, where some plugins you do need are just essential to give that little kick as I like to call it.

I do try to keep the plugins list down to a minimal if I can help it, so I do agree with your point, but it’s largely depends on the niche you are blogging or writing for.

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