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31 WordPress CMS Plugins

WordPress is what you make of it. For some it is a simple blogging platform no different than Tumblr or Blogger. For others it is an all inclusive content management system for their corporate website. Developers continue to recommend WordPress as a CMS because of all the extended functionality contributed by the community as well as it’s raw simplicity.

So I decided to put together a list of plugins that can help you turn WordPress into pretty much whatever you want it to be. All plugins link to the WordPress plugin repository and have been updated within the year. This list differs from previous plugin lists because of it’s depth and thought that went into comprising the list. I was very careful to not just repeat what other blogs have posted and hope you find something new and useful here.


HeadSpace2 SEO

HeadSpace2 SEO

HeadSpace2 is an all-in-one meta-data manager that allows you to fine-tune the SEO potential of your site. The is by far the best SEO plugin I’ve seen for WordPress. Makes it easy to manage meta data across the entire site or for specific pages/posts.


Redirection is a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. This is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation.

Image Editing


This plugin adds cropping, resizing, and rotating functionality to WordPress’ image upload and management dialogs. Scissors also allows automatic resizing of images when they are uploaded and supports automatic and manual watermarking of images.

Contact Forms

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.



MM- Forms is the easiest form builder I’ve come across in the WordPress Plugin directory. It’s simplicity is no testament to how powerful it actually is which makes it the perfect add-on for any WordPress blog.



Relevanssi replaces the basic WordPress search with a partial-match search that sorts the results based on relevance. It is a partial match search, so if user inputs several search terms, the search will find all documents that match even one term, ranking highest those documents that match all search terms.

Search Everything

Search Everything expands WordPress’s built in search functionality to also include tags, categories, revisions, images, attachments and more.

Admin Enhancements

Custom Admin Branding

The Custom Admin Branding Plugin allows you to re-brand the WordPress login screen, the admin header and footer with your own custom images.


With this plugin you will be able to send beautiful and styled html and plain text mails based on dedicated themes and templates for any e-mail notification issued.

WP e-Commerce

The WP e-Commerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress is an elegant easy to use fully featured shopping cart application suitable for selling your products, services, and or fees online.

Events Calendar

Events-Calendar is a versatile replacement for the original calendar included with WordPress adding many useful functions to keep track of your events. The plugin has an easy to use admin section that displays a big readable calendar and lets you add and delete events.

Magic Fields

Magic Fields

Magic Fields allows you to create new “write fields” as the author calls them. This basically means you can create additional types of content like pages, posts and links.


WP-CMS is a plugin for WordPress that changes the functionality of the WordPress admin backend to act more like a CMS. The blog functionality becomes optional and the focus is on writing pages to make WordPress as user friendly for you and your clients as possible.

WordPress Admin Quick Menu

This simple WordPress plugin allows users to add quick menu items to the WordPress sidebar. It’s designed to help webmasters have easy access to external pages such as Analytics and shopping carts in their WordPress admin panel.

User Management

Role Scoper

Role Scoper

Role Scoper is a comprehensive access control solution, giving you CMS-like control of reading and editing permissions. Assign restrictions and roles to specific pages, posts or categories.

User Access Manager

With the “User Access Manager”-plugin you can manage the access to your posts, pages and files. You only create a user group, put registered users to this and set up the rights for this group. From now on the post/page is only accessible and writable for the specified group. This plugin is useful if you need a member area or a private section at your blog or you want that other people can write at your blog but not everywhere.

Content Enhancements

TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced

This plugin adds 15 plugins to TinyMCE: Advanced hr, Advanced Image, Advanced Link, Context Menu, Emotions (Smilies), Date and Time, IESpell, Layer, Nonbreaking, Print, Search and Replace, Style, Table, Visual Characters and XHTML Extras

WP-CMS Post Control

WP-CMS Post Control builds upon the new controls in WordPress 2.7 to give you complete control over your write options. It not only allows you to hides unwanted items like custom fields, trackbacks, revisions etc. but also gives you a whole lot more control over how WordPress deals with creating content! This helps you use WordPress more like a CMS, alowing you to totally customise what your authors see and us

More Fields

More Fields is a WordPress plugin that adds boxes to the Write/Edit page. These boxes contains input fields, so that additional (more) fields can be added to a post. For example, if you write about books, you can add a box where you can enter title and author, etc. The boxes can be placed either to the right or to the left on the Write/Edit page.

Side Content

Side Content enables you to define a set of widgets which are effectively placeholders. Each one is empty until you assign content to it when editing a page. This enables you to extend the content of the page into the sidebar

Page Blocks

The Page Blocks plugin extends your WordPress pages by combining the dynamic content of widgets with the static content of pages. Up to four “blocks” can be added to each page (two above and two below the page’s content), and widgets can be added to each block in the same way they are added to sidebars

Page/Post Management

My Page Order

My Page Order

My Page Order allows you to set the order of pages through a drag and drop interface.

Dashboard Pages

Rather than have a majority of the dashboard widgets focused on new blog posts and comments it puts the sites page listing front and center in the dashboard for easier and quicker content management.


Customise the order your pages are listed in and manage the parent structure with this simple ajax drag-and-drop administrative interface with an option to toggle the page to be hidden from output. Great tool to quickly re-arrange your page menus.


WordPress Navigation List Plugin NAVT

The plugin gives you the ability to create unique site navigation from your pages, categories and users using a Drag ‘n Drop Interface; arrange the items within a group in any arbitrary order. Navigation groups may be composed of any combination of pages, categories, Authors, (Editors, Contributors, Subscribers), internal/external links and list dividers.

Multi-level Navigation Plugin

Adds an SEO friendly, accessible dropdown/flyout/slider menu to your WordPress blog

Core Enhancements

WP Super Cache

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

Assorted CMS Solutions

WPML Multilingual CMS

WPML Multilingual CMS

WPML makes it possible to turn WordPress blogs multilingual in a few minutes with no knowledge of PHP or WordPress. Its advanced features allow professional web developers to build full multilingual websites.

Pods CMS

Pods is a CMS framework that lets you create, manage, and display your own content types. Don’t bother hacking blog posts into becoming something they’re not. With Pods, create entirely new data structures with only the fields you need. Like Drupal CCK, you can set up relationships, allowing for a whole new level of interconnectedness.


Flutter is a feature rich WordPress CMS plugin that focuses on easy templating for the developer and simplifies content management for the admin by creating custom write panels that can be fully customized (radio buttons, file uploads, image uploads, checkboxes, etc).

Ryans Simple CMS

Converts your WordPress admin panel into a simple CMS. This is aimed at web designers who want to provide a simple administration panel for their clients to update basic static websites.

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Be selective and only choose the ones that enhance WordPress performance or provide actual value on the front end. It’s a delicate balance of functionality and usability.

PHP Accelerators can do wonders in speeding up word press blogs. Depending on your hosting situation that might not be an option but I run Xcache on my VPS and it improved my page load times by a substantial margin.

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Wow…generally when I look at lists like these, I expect to have seen about 29 of the 31 before. I haven’t heard of a good number of these, and I’m going to check them out. Thanks for this post!

Reading the intro to this most may have cleared up any confusion you may be having. Sorry if you expected something else when you came to the post and I’m glad that WordPress does everything you want it to do without any additional plugins.

Wow, like others have said, there are many plugins here I hadn’t seen before! I’ve seen several sites run handily off wordpress as a CMS, but some of these plugins really seem to legitimize it.


Thanks for another first-rate article. I am always trying to find great WordPress tutorials to suggest to my clients. Thanks for posting this article. It’s exactly what I was searching for. Truly super post.

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