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WordPress As a CMS

Rather than reinvent the wheel here I’m going to share some articles I both agree with and have found helpful in the past. WordPress is extremely powerful in its simplicity but is made more powerful by its loyal users. The future of this platform is very exciting as we stretch the possibilities of traditional websites.

First off, we have an excellent article by Devlounge which poses some great questions:

Next we have a series of articles from Noupe convering some excellent WordPress as a CMS plugins, techniques and unique uses:

Now WordPress isn’t the perfect CMS solution right out of the box, so discusses its shortcomings and some possible improvements:

It would also be nice if you took the time to keep your WordPress CMS somewhat user-friendly so we’ll turn to Stylizedweb for that:

And finally, a few lists of plugins that can help you successfully turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional content management system:

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