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Did WordPress Do That?

WordPress is tremendously powerful, mostly because of its enthusiastic community. I’m constantly surprised at how many people still think WordPress is just for blogging. Check out this pie chart that shows CMS distribution across thousands of websites. WordPress is easily the most popular. What I thought was even cooler was that WordPress did a survey […]

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14 WordPress Page Templates To Make Life Easier

I just finished writing a newsletter about WordPress page templates and how businesses could leverage them to create better content. In the email, I brainstorm about a few templates I think themes should be taking advantage of.

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Does Your Business Need A Website?

A couple years ago I would have said it depends. Now it is a necessity. It doesn’t matter how big your business is or how much money you bring in. If you exist, I want proof of it on Google.

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WordPress As a CMS

Rather than reinvent the wheel here I’m going to share some articles I both agree with and have found helpful in the past. WordPress is extremely powerful in its simplicity but is made more powerful by its loyal users. The future of this platform is very exciting as we stretch the possibilities of traditional websites.

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31 WordPress CMS Plugins

WordPress is what you make of it. For some it is a simple blogging platform no different than Tumblr or Blogger. For others it is an all inclusive content management system for their corporate website. Developers continue to recommend WordPress as a CMS because of all the extended functionality contributed by the community as well as it’s raw simplicity.