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My TweetGridI love talking to people about the tools they are using to efficiently track conversations in social media. Everybody has there own methods they’ve developed over time and their own goals they wish to achieve.

Most of my Tweeting revolves around TweetGrid and Twhirl. TweetGrid always seems to catch my new replies a split second before Twhirl will so I keep TweetGrid running in the background at all times.

There are a couple very cool features built into TweetGrid that allow me to track local, relevant and high profile conversations.

First there’s the local search. I’ve been using this feature via Twitter’s advanced search tips before it was officially revamped and released in TweetGrid. It’s a fun way to keep up with the local scene as well as find some local tweeps.

Next we have Groups. Keeping up with 2000+ followers can become quite a hassle. To be sure I don’t miss anything too important, I’ve put together a list of friends and tweeps I’ve conversed with in the past that provide value. The list changes on a weekly basis and is usually dominated by the same people (as you can see in the attached photo). But it keeps me in the loop.

I also track terms associated with me and my blog. I recently released my first wordpress plugin and like to keep track of it’s mentions in Twitter. It’s also a great way for me to keep tabs on any problems people might be having with my plugin.

I usually leave a spot for my interests. This grid does not have it, but I usually have a spot for tracking bands I like, games I play and anything else I’m interested in.

And last but not least I can keep track of my friends timeline and DMs thanks to some recent TweetGrid updates.

The one thing I cannot stress enough is the speed at which TweetGrid produces results. I’ve yet to use it as a replacement to tweetchat for jourchat and other hashtag related discussions but I could easily see it being a suitable substitution.

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