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Realistic Flame Effect

This is my first attempt at creating a realistic flame effect in Actionscript 3.0 so be gentle.


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5 replies on “Realistic Flame Effect”

Dude that’s really cool .

It would be awesome if you could explain how you created it in a step by step fashion . That way at least some of us (aka.. me) ‘ll get some motivation to hack around with ActionScript..

Ya I would love to get some actual tutorials up soon however my job takes up 23/24 hours of my day. (almost) Until then, check out Andrew Cook’s Blog. Theres a two part tutorial that pretty much covers all of the code i used to make this effect. Someday down the line ill have more time, until then I will continue to just post source.

hey john this is gr8 work man. i love this kind of work.
I am also a designer and i appreacite your work.

keep it up..

thx man for this fog and flame effect.

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