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Tools and Tips for Answering Questions on Twitter

Probably one of the easiest ways to network on Twitter is to answer questions asked by your followers. It is also a great way to find new people to follow as well. There is a solid list of sites that help facilitate Q&A on Twitter outside of who you are following. By reaching outside your network, you are exposing yourself to a new audience and in turn increase your chances of getting more like-minded followers.

Now I still prefer the old fashioned method of finding questions on Twitter by just using the standard Twitter Search. All you need to do is include a question mark and your topic. I also include an operator that removes all links as I find they are usually just titles of blog posts and not real questions.

Find questions on Twitter with Twitter Search

There is also a growing list of sites you can use that might make finding and answering questions a bit easier. I sometimes find these sites to be a bit limited in what they offer simply because they restrict their Twitter Search API calls to phrases like “Does anyone know” and “why does” rather than scanning for all legitimate questions. However, I will leave judgements about quality up to you.

AskOnTwitter -  Questions & Answers on Twitter!

TweetBrain: What is your question?

ReallyWorried | Compassion, help and advice


TwAnswers - Share your knowledge on Twitter

Twitter Question & Answer | Find Answers Faster | Twitter Search

twitQA - Ask or Answer on Twitter

iKnowTweet - Answer Twitter Questions

Twitter Answers

Mahalo Answers - Share Knowledge, Learn, and Get Questions Answered

twtpoll :: a simple survey twitter app

I hope I have successfully overwhelmed you with Twitter Q&A sites. Each site works a little differently, whether it is just the look and feel or the functionality altogether. I’m not convinced yet that Twitter could replace Yahoo Answer or LinkedIn Answers, but Twitter seems to be in a league of it’s own, delivering unparalleled real time results. This especially holds true when asking questions via Twitter at an event.

Nevertheless, continue to provide value to your community and watch your relationships grow stronger in time.

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[…] To me, its the same reason why you would go out to a bar over staying home with friends … you are interested in meeting new people. Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites out there and is the best medium for conversing with new like minded individuals. This mentality coincides with one of Twitter’s most useful functions. Tapping into the buzz of things that interest us. Twitter’s search capabilities in collaboration with it’s complete simplicity make it the perfect platform for crowd sourcing thoughts, ideas, questions and answers. […]

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