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The Opportunities With User-Generated Content

It’s pretty hard these days to put together a digital marketing campaign without a¬†user-generated content (UGC) layer built-in. At the very least we ask our users to share offers with their friends on sites like Twitter and Facebook. What Is User Generated Content? User generated content is a broad term used to describe content that […]

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The Honest Web

As internet powerhouses like Google and Facebook continue to change the way they analyze and interpret user data, it’s about time we stop fighting back and embrace the change. The early days of marketing on the internet involved a lot of the same old practices of interrupting the user experience to try to make an […]


Tailoring Your Blog To Your Readers

Ever stop to think about who is reading your blog? No one knows your readers better than you, so what are you doing about it? Your blog should really evolve right along side you. A few things to consider as you learn more about your readers are:

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Tools and Tips for Answering Questions on Twitter

Probably one of the easiest ways to network on Twitter is to answer questions asked by your followers. It is also a great way to find new people to follow as well. There is a solid list of sites that help facilitate Q&A on Twitter outside of who you are following. By reaching outside your […]

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Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

One problem I see in social media is the lack of transparency behind our thoughts and ideas. It’s completely understandable because we are dealing with small amounts of information of which we need to extrapolate the entire message. You can’t properly gauge the tone of someones voice or even measure their response by any reasonable […]

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Sticking Out in a Community

To get the best out of a community you need to stick out from the crowd in some way. Most good communities have some form of recognition for their more active users. You’ll see a lot of this on most popular ning sites.