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A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Geek

Everyone probably has their own little routine they go through but I just thought I would throw mine out there. Every day is a little different, but if I had to describe my average day, this would be it.

Wake Up

I don’t have an alarm clock. I’ve been using my cell phone as my alarm for the last 8 years. That has nothing to do with social media, just thought it was kind of interesting.

Once I am finally up, I sit at my computer to take a quick glance at my TweetGrid. I don’t usually respond to anything at this time, I just like knowing what’s going on.

Morning At Work

When I get to work I check my email and review all new Twitter friend requests. All my Twitter requests go to their own folder so I can easily run through them all and follow/ignore/block as i need to. Then I look over the TweetGrid I made for my company Magicomm to see what’s popping in the industry.


For some reason, I’ll still check Yelp every day before lunch yet I somehow end up at the same places. Yelp plays a major role in my real world social life as it’s an excellent means of finding new places to go out at night and locating the best food in the area.

During my lunch break I try and get in as much blog reading as I can. I try to get in a good mix of topics that personally interest me and posts relevant to my job. At this point I’ve probably already tweeted about my coffee and am starting to have some real conversation on Twitter. I also like to check my Facebook at lunch too. I basically use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with real world friends and family and spare them all the techy geek talk.

Afternoon At Work

In between doing actual work and talking with my coworkers, I regularly monitor Twitter and TweetGrid at random times during the day, chiming in wherever I feel is appropriate. Magicomm has also adopted a social media strategy where I spend an hour of my day commenting, tweeting and sharing on behalf of Magicomm. This is when I usually throw around blog topic ideas for the Magicomm blog and maybe post some social media tips on the Magicomm Twitter account.

After Work

After work I’ll send out a DM to some of my buddies to see what they’re up to and update my BrightKite location once I know where I’m going. BrightKite makes it easy to update my twitter status with a photo as well as upload that same photo to Flickr and Facebook automatically. Then I’ll usually take another look at Yelp if I plan on going out or I’ll jump in to one of my more favorite communities, Steam. Steam is a platform for gaming and networking with other gamers interested in the same games. It’s just another easy way to have fun on the web with some of my friends.

Before Bed

Every night before bed I like to play with my blog a bit. It’s a great way to relieve some stress after a long day and be sure that everything is working properly. And if I couldn’t be any more suggestive, sometimes I’ll even squeeze out a post or two.

I guess what I am trying to get across with this post is that I am not forcing any of these routines. I do them because I am genuinely interested in the relationships or the information I am taking in. I read blogs instead of newspapers and I use Twitter instead of yelling at people in the streets. Facebook has replaced my text messaging and Yelp is the collective thoughts of a million different reviewers. I am a social media geek and so can you.

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