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April Fools Survival Guide for Twitter

Once a year, Twitter lets loose, with fictitious news stories devouring the social media space. What’s worse is that April Fools day is no longer limited to it’s normal 24 hour time span. Instead, it lasts for a 48 hour Social Media day. Remember, it’s April 1st somewhere.

So what can you expect on this wonderful day of trickery. Well, a quick glimpse into the past reveals some interesting trends like:

The important thing to remember is that it’s all in good fun. Heck, April Fools Day has even inspired the development of some real life products.

How Will I Survive?

Take everything in with a grain of salt. Expect some silliness and remember it will eventually pass.

It’s also important to remember that not everyone will be taking part in the festivities. Some sites pride themselves on their reputation of putting out quality content all year long.

Be sure to check and see what people on Twitter are saying about April Fools or just go to and check out their growing list of jokes.

– Photo by Zanastardust

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