Are "Social Mentions" And "Twitter Trackbacks" Just Taking Up Space?

You may have seen some of the following solutions installed on some of your favorite blogs:

Rant Twitter

How Much Value Is In A ReTweet?

ReTweeting is the act of re-posting someones tweet on Twitter by copying their message and adding the prefix “RT @username“. The idea is that you are passing on a tweet or a link that you like and think your followers would also enjoy. It’s also a great way of letting someone know you liked what […]

Blogging Plugins Twitter WordPress

7 Awesome Twitter Plugins for WordPress

TweetSuite TweetSuite is an excellent plugin developed by ‘social & viral marketing scientist’ Dan Zarrella. It started off as a plugin that returned all ReTweets of a post and has turned into a complete Twitter/Wordpress solution.

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Introducing Commentwitter

The other day I was thinking that it would be great if Twitter could be used as a communications platform for discussions around blog posts. I mean we already do this but lack organization. We all know organization isn’t Twitter’s strong suit.