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Social Media Monitoring and Measurement Tools

It’s extremely important to monitor and measure your influence in social media however some of the premium tools out there might be a little beyond your financial reach. Good thing there are plenty of free tools you can mix and match to meet your own personal goals.


Are "Social Mentions" And "Twitter Trackbacks" Just Taking Up Space?

You may have seen some of the following solutions installed on some of your favorite blogs:

Rant Social Media

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

One problem I see in social media is the lack of transparency behind our thoughts and ideas. It’s completely understandable because we are dealing with small amounts of information of which we need to extrapolate the entire message. You can’t properly gauge the tone of someones voice or even measure their response by any reasonable […]

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Introducing Commentwitter

The other day I was thinking that it would be great if Twitter could be used as a communications platform for discussions around blog posts. I mean we already do this but lack organization. We all know organization isn’t Twitter’s strong suit.