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13 WordPress Plugins You Need To Know Exist

There are over 6000 plugins in the WordPress Plugin directory. Some are broken and others are just not worth your time. However, you should at least know about these 13 as they are either the most sought after or provide much needed functionality to WordPress.

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7 Awesome Twitter Plugins for WordPress

TweetSuite TweetSuite is an excellent plugin developed by ‘social & viral marketing scientist’ Dan Zarrella. It started off as a plugin that returned all ReTweets of a post and has turned into a complete Twitter/Wordpress solution.

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Woah! I Can't Read Your WordPress Blog

I’ve made this mistake in the past and it may have cost me a few readers. People get trigger happy with their plugins and readers can’t get to the content.

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Introducing Commentwitter

The other day I was thinking that it would be great if Twitter could be used as a communications platform for discussions around blog posts. I mean we already do this but lack organization. We all know organization isn’t Twitter’s strong suit.