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Socialize Goes 1.0

It has been a long time since I last updated the socialize plugin. I made small updates here and there to fix some of the more common problems people were having but I never got around to making all the enhancements that had been requested. Well here it is, I’ve addressed every issue presented to me in the comments of the plugin page. I am very excited about this update as it basically brings the plugin back to stage 1 and I can build up from here. I also thought it was suitable considering the release of WordPress 3.0 to get these changes out the door so we can innovate on this new and improved platform.

How much different is this version than the last? Well here is a complete list of the latest changes:

  • Commented out javascript
  • Added security to page meta box
  • Added Yahoo Buzz and Google Buzz buttons
  • Removed custom Facebook button and replaced with official Facebook Share button
  • Created Delicious button with save count
  • Provided options to float in-content buttons to right or left
  • Provided options to display buttons on different pages
  • Added option to hide alert box on specific pages
  • Fixed CSS
  • Plugin now updates upon activation and keeps record of version
  • Buttons can now be displayed in feeds


New Buttons

I’ve added Yahoo Buzz and Google Buzz due to popular demand. I also went ahead and changed the old Facebook image I was using and replaced it with the official Facebook Share Button.

My favorite addition is the new delicious button. It was the only button without an official or nice looking share button with a save count. So I made my own, hope you like it.

New Position Settings

You can control whether buttons are displayed on posts, pages, archives, search pages and even your feed. You can also control if the buttons are displayed on the left or right side of the content.

Fixed JavaScript and CSS Problems

I took care or several problems where JavaScript was being displayed on pages and buttons weren’t positioning correctly.

What Is Socialize?

The idea was to create an easy to use plugin that allowed bloggers to selectively add social bookmarks to their post. Furthermore I wanted to only use actionable buttons with counters because I believe displaying a posts social activity gives it positive social proof and can lead to more shares and more views.

This plugin also includes what I like to call an ‘alert box’ that is selectively displayed below posts and pages to encourage comments and sharing. You can also insert buttons into this post to increase the sharing potential.

The plugin is designed to make it easy for readers to share your content and give you full control of what is displayed where.

Download Socialize

So go check out the plugin page and try it out.

Remember if you are upgrading, be sure to deactivate the plugin first and reactivate it once you have uploaded the files.

13 replies on “Socialize Goes 1.0”


Ive installed the program using WordPress’s auto installer and Ive got socialize showing in my tools section plus on any given new post, the list of buttons shows up on the right side of in admin but when i do test posts, nothing shows up on the post proper.

I am using a custom theme that I bought…could that be interfering with the proper application of this plug in?

Hello. I really like this plug in, but would like to change the location of the alert box from the bottom to the top (I’ve deactivated the side bar).

What code would I insert to manually insert the box?


I’ve added your plugin to a new website ( and it works fine for english users, but if your OS is in Spanish, the Facebook “Like” button gets just partially displayed because it needs a bigger size to fit “Me gusta”.
I tried forcing that by changing your socialize.css and adding width to the line .socialize-in-button-right but it just create a bigger area for the button while the button itself comes in a size too small.

That’s when I noticed that the code that comes directly from Facebook contains some code that causes the problem:

How can I manipulate that iframe content?
Kind regards,


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