Experiment: The Instant No Button

The button came about after Scott Stratten of Unmarketing sent out a tweet asking for some quick flash work. I responded and the button was completed and sent back to Scott in a few minutes. Scott then worked his magic, slapped a cool graphic on top and created We’ve since converted the button over to […]

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Native Advertising and What's Next

Native advertising is defined as “a web advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user’s experience.” by Wikipedia. On the web this most commonly takes the form of sponsored content. On the one hand, native advertising can seem deceiving simply because the content is […]

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WordPress Starter Themes and Development Tips

WordPress starter themes are themes that include the bare minimum needed to start building out a new theme. For this reason I usually call them WordPress developer theme frameworks. They exist to help jump-start the development process on new sites.

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The Opportunities With User-Generated Content

It’s pretty hard these days to put together a digital marketing campaign without a user-generated content (UGC) layer built-in. At the very least we ask our users to share offers with their friends on sites like Twitter and Facebook. What Is User Generated Content? User generated content is a broad term used to describe content that […]

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The Honest Web

As internet powerhouses like Google and Facebook continue to change the way they analyze and interpret user data, it’s about time we stop fighting back and embrace the change. The early days of marketing on the internet involved a lot of the same old practices of interrupting the user experience to try to make an […]

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Rethinking The Facebook Like Gate

Facebook is constantly making changes (that’s not the first time I’ve started a blog post with those words). It’s part of who they are and ultimately it’s a good thing for all of us. The algorithms that control what content you see in your news stream got a big update that had a huge effect […]

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Did WordPress Do That?

WordPress is tremendously powerful, mostly because of its enthusiastic community. I’m constantly surprised at how many people still think WordPress is just for blogging. Check out this pie chart that shows CMS distribution across thousands of websites. WordPress is easily the most popular. What I thought was even cooler was that WordPress did a survey […]

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Two Thoughts That Get Me By

I don’t really get into the motivational stuff on this blog which is funny because I love to give advice in real life. I jumped into the workforce a bit earlier than some of my friends which has given me time to figure out what I want to do. It’s been about 9 years and […]

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How I Get The Most Out Of TweetDeck

As soon as the first Twitter clients allowed for multiple column views I was on board. I bounced between Seesmic, TweetDeck and HootSuite but always came back to TweetDeck. So while these clients can achieve similar functionality I will be talking about how I specifically use TweetDeck. Managing Multiple Accounts The main reason I started using TweetDeck […]

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Making Your Website Social

It’s a popular question with a not so straightforward answer. With everyone talking about social media, how can websites easily adopt online social technologies to increase engagement across their brand.