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Which Bookmarking & Sharing Buttons Should I Display On My Site

As search results give more weight to social factors it’s more important than ever to make your content easy to share on the internet.

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Introducing Socialize 2.0

Almost 10 months after I was able to get Socialize 1.0 out we can now move on to Socialize 2.0. This release is a major rewrite of the plugin code to reduce the number of calls to the database and increase the plugin’s flexibility.

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Embracing Social Tools

My mother shared the following article with me in an email: Professionalism “Less than Desired” in Entry-Level Employees – SURVEY RESULTS. I was surprised by some of the results and disagree with a few statements made on the side.

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Competitor Website Reports and Analytics

Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something on the Internet is to check and see how other people are already doing it. Here is a small collection of tools I use to learn more about other websites.

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Socialize Goes 1.0

It has been a long time since I last updated the socialize plugin. I made small updates here and there to fix some of the more common problems people were having but I never got around to making all the enhancements that had been requested. Well here it is, I’ve addressed every issue presented to me in […]

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Does Your Business Need A Website?

A couple years ago I would have said it depends. Now it is a necessity. It doesn’t matter how big your business is or how much money you bring in. If you exist, I want proof of it on Google.

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Stop Using Pop-Ups

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You can save me 200 bucks? Prove it. You can design awesome WordPress themes? Where’s your portfolio? You know a lot about social media? Who have you helped? It’s not about what you say you can do, it’s about doing it.

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Increase Viral Potential With Actionable Bookmarking and Sharing Buttons

One of the first things most people do with their new blogs is install some sort of plugin to help facilitate the sharing of their posts. Thoughts of Twitter obsessively retweeting your content begin to float through your mind and let’s not forget the ridiculous amount of traffic you’re gonna be getting from Digg.

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My TweetGrid

I love talking to people about the tools they are using to efficiently track conversations in social media. Everybody has there own methods they’ve developed over time and their own goals they wish to achieve.