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What is Variable Video?

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Micro-Blogging Overview

Jon Bishop on Twitter

Free Twitter

Free Stuff on Twitter

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some sort of centralized posting system to make your giveaway known to the world. Oh wait there is.

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What is Rejaw?

Plurk and Twitter have been great fun as have, Kwippy and Pownce. But there’s a new guy on the block, yes another one, with another funny sounding name. Rejaw .

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Social Media Is Not For You

Don’t believe everything you read in this wonderful arena called the social internet.

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Variable Video

I’ve talked about variable video and personalized video a little in the past. Now let’s look at some more examples and break down some of their components.

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Are Twitter Friend Adders Okay?

So with the launch of TwitterAdder and Twitter Adder for Firefox everyone is in a stir talking about how there is finally an easy way to add friends. What do I think of this new awesome service, um, not so awesome. I feel as if it kind of defeats the purpose of Twitter and if […]

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What's your Plaxo Pulse?

So what is Plaxo? Here is my spin on Plaxos own definition … Plaxo is a lot of things. It’s mostly about synchronizing most of the things that you and your connections do all across the web in a single place without you having to worry about any of it. It’s also about staying in […]


Plurk vs Twitter

In case Twitter wasn’t taking up enough of your time, there is a new guy on the block, all blinged out in Ajax, looking for a little attention. I have to say, Plurk is a pretty cool Twitter clone. It allows all of the basic features of Twitter and then its spiced up a bit.

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Blogger vs. WordPress

If you haven’t noticed, I just switched from Blogger to WordPress about a week ago. Both are excellent services however I do enjoy WordPress a lot more now that I am finally using it. Now let me break down what I’ve found.